Natural Ingredients

Aztek Food is specialized in air-drying technology meeting the highest of international standards

We create delicious products made from fresh fruit & vegetables with no added nasties of any kind 

We operate in 3 main categories:

A Natural Partner To Provide Endless Possibilities For Innovation

Dried fruits and veggies have become important for the food industry
as a natural source of flavor, color and texture

Aztek products in powder and granule form are used in a range
of products from dry soup and instant noodles to snacks and drinks

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Made From 100% Fresh Fruits & Veggies

We bring you the goodness of nature
through our wide snacking range

They are air dried so they’re definitely healthy

A perfect match for health conscious
consumers that don’t compromise on taste

Capabilities to Bring Your Products to the Market

Aztek is a food contract manufacturing business

We specialize in food processing, air drying technology and contract packing
of food products

Heavily invested in our processes, and now we share our capabilities with our
contract manufacturing clients

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Have you ever tried Watermelon Chips?

It tastes so good! delicious and craveably crunchy

Please see our full range below for other surprising options: